ba·con /ˈbeɪk(ə)n/

  1. Cured and smoked meat from the middle section of the pig, with different cuts having their own names.
    Context: “Allison is craving an egg and bacon roll for breakfast.”

Varieties of bacon

A popular, leaner bacon cut made from the loin of the pig, which has been cured and smoked for deliciousness.
The middle is a traditional Australian cut of bacon from the loin and belly area of the pig. It can be ‘rind on’ or ‘rindless’; the rind is the skin of the pig, also seen as crispy crackling on roast pork.
A cut of bacon that includes the loin and a short length of the belly of the pig. This is a great choice as it balances the convenient size of short cut, with the extra flavour that comes from the fattier belly section.


Made from the pork belly, streaky bacon has a higher percentage of fat, which means has plenty of flavour and crisps up nicely when cooked. American bacon is usually streaky bacon.
Real diced bacon
Conveniently pre-diced bacon, for a quick flavour addition to any meal. Look out for ‘real diced bacon’ as this means it has been made from proper bacon.