DON® Expertise

When Victorian butcher R.J. Gilbertson laid the foundations for the DON® business in 1947, producing a small range of European meats from his Essendon shop, he probably had no idea that it would be so successful.

Since then, DON® has provided Australians with great quality, flavoursome ham, bacon, salami, kabana and frankfurts to fill our school lunches and enhance our celebrations, breakfasts and weeknight dinners. DON® prides itself on taking the best smallgoods offering from Europe and ensuring they meet Australians unique preferences. Australians have grown up eating DON® Strasbourg and Kabana, taking DON® Ham sandwiches to school and can now enjoy DON® Chorizo in their dinners.

R.J Gilberton’s idea of employing European butchers to make great European smallgoods to the good folk of Essendon has grown into a thriving company that prides itself on delighting Australians every day with the simple pleasure of good food.