con·ti·nen·tals /kɒntɪˈnɛnt(ə)ls/

  1. A wide variety of specialty meats from Europe.
    Context: “Dorian is ready to serve a platter of continental meats.”

Varieties of continentals

A rustic, coarse-cut sausage inspired by the exotic flavours of Spain. Numerous varieties are available; most are cured with a blend of smoky paprika, garlic and herbs.
A typically thinly-sliced meat made from the leg of the pig which undergoes several weeks of salting and up to two years of air curing. The meat loses moisture to form a beautifully delicate, sweet, nutty and floral piece of meat with salt as the only additional ingredient.
A spicy, smoked Australian continental made with pork and beef.


Based on the Slovenian recipe, the Kransky is a coarse-cut continental sausage made with pork and beef which is filled into a natural casing and smoked. It can also be flavoured with cheese or chilli.
Black pudding
A traditional blood sausage made with barley, delicate meats and pork blood, which gives the pudding its mineral flavour and dark colour. Black pudding is great with a big breakfast or scallops. French black pudding is known as ‘boudin noir’.