frank·furt /ˈfraŋkfəːt/

  1. Cooked and smoked sausage made of finely ground beef or pork in long links.
    Context: “Lisa thinks a frankfurt with mustard makes the perfect hot dog.”

Varieties of frankfurt

Classic Frankfurt
Pre-cooked, German-style sausage made with pork and other meats and a blend of mild spices, which is then smoked. Able to be grilled, boiled, steamed or barbecued.
A shorter version of the classic frankfurt and a party favourite.
Hailing from Vienna in Austria, the Viennese frankfurt (or Weiner), has a darker red casing colour and a smoky flavour. Canned Viennese are a much-loved staple in the northern states of America, including the all-beef Chicago version and the world-famous Coney Island Hot Dogs!


Larger in diameter than a frankfurt, the saveloy is lightly spiced and often comes battered in UK-style fish and chip shops.
Skin on/skinless
This refers to the casing, which can be collagen or naturally sourced gut from hog or mutton. Skinless frankfurts are made in a casing which is peeled off immediately after cooking.